Sunday, April 1, 2018

Episode 10: The Lost and Found

Episode 10: The Lost and Found

The guys reunite to share war stories of their time spent (mostly AFK) in Eureka Anemos. Aside from bonding over shared trauma, Jeremy and Wulf shed light on the lore of their newest classes, Black Mage and Dragoon. We also wrap up our thoughts on the Patch 4.2 MSQ and have a laugh over the FFXIV development team's deliciously meaty April Fool's jokes.

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Featuring: Derek Heemsbergen, Jeremy Wyatt, Wulf


  1. =p

    higher item level is always important for healers because it's higher mind stat which affects your heals and of course your healer dps with things like scholar's dots or whm aero damage. using mind potions is situational but not really necessary imo unless you're like hitting enrage on a boss and want to push that little extra bit.

    as for storylines i have the god of magic title:

    AST storyline - 30-60 is mostly forgettable but 60-70 is very interesting - and damn those npc's are thirsty!

    SCH - 60-70 it's the love between a lala and a tonberry

    SMN - gimme other egis already!

    WHM - forgettable and annoying frankly

    BLM - the BLM beast tribe shenanigans continue and Shattoto! but I really fucking hate enochian

    RDM - does a girl have a name? Arya is fine and all but the storyline is eh. but you do get to go back to weeping city for the final battle for her soul

    and i love you guys too <3

  2. oh

    Bard/MCH also forgettable storylines too.