Friday, July 20, 2018

Episode 11: Bawls, Steep

Episode 11: Bawls, Steep

In darkness blooms the spider lily...

Astral Era returns after a few months' hiatus to dig deep into everything that's hit Final Fantasy XIV since Patch 4.3: Under the Moonlight. We ascend to the peak of Heaven-on-High and come crashing down into sorrow with the resolution of villainess Yotsuyu's character arc.

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Featuring: Derek Heemsbergen, Jeremy Wyatt, Wulf

1 comment:

  1. - Yes to unlock UwU you must have cleared God Kefka Savage (O8S) much like how you needed to clear Neo Exdeath (O4S) to unluck Ultimate Coil.

    - Finishing the Doman Enclave opens up an NPC/Junkmonger shop.
    (sells the minion candy furnishing item, other furnishings, an orchestrion roll and the cloth to make the Wind-Up Sadu minion)

    - I love the mameshiba in Heaven on High - he does the defense buff but his balloon flavor text is "May the carnage never end." lolol (Fat Cat provides a regen, and Komainu provides a damage increase)

    - ALSO HILDY 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!